Photive BTH3 Review

Photive BTH3 Review

purposeful design keeps charges down resulting in an elegant pair of cans. a plethora of controls to adjust quantity and pass/play/pause tracks can be located on each ear cups. and the photive’s housing sheaths 40mm drivers that reproduce a wealthy, balanced sound. in case you miss that tethered feeling, there’s an blanketed three.5mm stereo cord.bass-heads be warned, these aren’t going to rattle your bones, since the low-quit reaction is a touch sloppy. they may, however, provide you with smooth, crisp highs observed by way of clean mids which might be difficult to overcome at such a cost-effective rate.

in january, photive launched new pairs of bluetooth headphones — the bth3 and btx6. despite the suspiciously low expenses for the capabilities supplied and photive’s exceedingly low logo-popularity, consumers regarded to love them. seeing the reaction on amazon give up some other place, we determined we had to test them out for ourselves.

the bth3 are the inexpensive of the 2 pairs, though characteristic parity is close. often going for simply $50 online, the potential value right here is super — assuming the headphones maintain up, besides. so, do they?

what’s in the box?
beginning up the field that holds the photive bth3 headphones the handiest component you’ll see is the hard tour case; the whole thing else is interior. looking in the case, you’ll locate the headphones themselves, person’s manual, usb charging cable, and a 3.five mm audio cable. thinking about we’ve visible a whole lot much less from headphones costing an entire lot more, this isn’t bad.

build & design
as you might imagine, with the photive bth3 being the inexpensive of the two, those headphones aren’t as flashy searching because the btx6. whether or now not this is a bad element is surely as much as you. they’re sincerely no longer an unpleasant pair of headphones, and at the same time as they lack the bold form and extra style-focused design of the btx6, they’re additionally now not nearly as weird looking. those also are at the slimmer aspect, in contrast to the cumbersome btx6.

this is a fairly comfortable pair of headphones. it would lack the slightly puffier ear cushions of its extra high-priced cousin, however as these are also lighter, excessive cushioning isn’t truly essential. after round two hours of use, i surely could feel that i used to be carrying headphones — these don’t disappear the manner pricier headphones like bose’s soundtrues do — however they didn’t feel annoying or specifically uncomfortable, even after that long. probable because of the reality that they aren’t collapsible, the bth3 are extra adjustable than the btx6 headphones. the ear cups rotate quite a bit, and along side the adjustable headband, it’s quite easy to discover a excellent suit with these headphones.

don’t fear approximately wearing those around with you both. even though they aren’t collapsible, they arrive with a hardshell case that isn’t all that a lot large than the headphones themselves, so you’ll be able to without difficulty preserve them covered. this is great to look, as we’ve visible tons greater steeply-priced headphones provide best a tender case, or no case in any respect.s

pairing the photive bth3 headphones with the device of your preference is a reasonably clean technique. though those don’t function the audible instructions and cues that the btx6 do, the flashing light on the aspect of the left ear cup is sufficient of a cue to make it simple to figure out that they mechanically start broadcasting as soon as you switch them on. apparently enough, this pair of headphones features a devoted power button and separate play/pause button, not like the multi-characteristic button used on many headphones

talking of buttons, the bth3 headphones are filled with them. the left ear cup holds the aforementioned play/pause button as well as the ahead / skip and rewind / lower back buttons. the right ear cup holds the power button as well as dedicated quantity buttons. again, some might draw back on the sheer quantity of buttons here, however i found it fresh to have some lots manage to be had. not like some headphones, all the buttons worked perfectly with my moto x during checking out.

the microphone is respectable, however not anything to write home about. as with every headphones of this kind, the microphone placement can purpose you to sound slightly extra “remote” than in case you have been speakme without delay into your telephone, but it’s not a drastic step down in sound fine. bluetooth range without difficulty met the 33ft marketed, and sustained listening at this distance turned into perfectly first-rate, even though shifting too a ways beyond speedy brought about dropouts and skipping.

the lithium-ion battery in the bth3 is promised via photive to offer a listening time of as much as 12 hours. even after checking out the headphones for over eleven hours at mild and better volume, i hadn’t observed any kind of low battery warning. additionally they charged very quickly —ear cup even though i didn’t fully exhaust the battery, it became nevertheless great to look that they reached a complete fee in much less than two hours.

both the charging port and the three.five mm audio-in jack are located at the proper ear cup, and it’s first-rate to peer that they may be protected. this pair of headphones isn’t advertised as weatherproof, however it’s nonetheless pleasant to look that it isn’t smooth for sand or moisture to get internal.

sound first-rate
each the photive bth3 and btx6 use forty mm drivers, even though listening for only a few seconds makes it clear that those don’t use the identical forty mm drivers. the sonic signature of each pair of headphones is extensively different from the other, and appears to be geared toward unique sorts of listeners.

in testing the bth3 i listened to each a phone (a motorola moto x) related thru bluetooth, and to lossless flac documents and cds via the three.5 mm cable, related to a laptop through a focusrite saffire pro 40 audio interface. as standard, i performed song of all types of genres, in addition to a handful of podcasts and an audiobook.

unlike the photive btx6 headphones and their x-bass branding, the bass isn’t overpowering or heavily emphasised within the bth3. it isn’t missing or thin-sounding either — it’s just no longer truely boosted as with the btx3. bass reaction is a touch on the slow facet, so a slight lack of tight attention can pop up in positive types of tune, with fast metal or punk being the excellent examples here.photive-bth3-sg-right

the mids are crisp and clean, without the marginally boxy sound this is so present in single-driver headphones on this rate range. there’s an obvious slight improve around the 1 khz variety, that’s probably there to provide vocals a moderate raise. that is moderate sufficient to now not be obnoxious, and doesn’t adversely have an effect on the sound.

the highs are clear and crisp, nearly to a fault. the highs aren’t overly emphasised, but there’s a crisp sort of sizzle to the highs that isn’t constantly obvious, however changed into important on some songs.

soundstage became especially first rate for closed-back headphones, even if the use of them thru bluetooth. i know bluetooth sound has come a long manner, but this still amazed me a chunk. commonly, this is a properly-balanced and pretty correct sounding pair of headphones, and that i honestly favored the sound of the bth3 to the pricier btx6, although i’m now not sure that this opinion could be shared.

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