Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Mic

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Mic

the second one area on our listing of first-class reasonably-priced over-ear headphones has taken skullcandy crusher, headphones for actual bass lovers. these headphones usually cost extra than $50, but we’ve got managed to discover this precise version that expenses less than the others and the rate obviously relies upon on the layout.

what’s in the box?
apart from the headphones, skullcandy a sends you detachable audio cable with 3.5mm connector and inline mic with far flung controls, one aa battery and one thin and really big carrying bag that certainly doesn’t assist loads while protection is worried.

matters we like:
one of the things we normally love about skullcandy is the colours they use and the effort they make to create such exciting headphones. we picked this military version with stripes due to the price, however we think it looks very quality and trendy.

skullcandy crusher are famous for being very cozy. they’re a piece heavier that average (10 oz), but way to the nicely-padded adjustable scarf and thick smooth ear cushions, you absolutely received’t sense any greater weight. the cushions are spacious enough to get hold of special sorts of ears and still manipulate to seal nicely round them with the intention to isolate the person from heritage noise as a lot as viable.

on the subject of sound exceptional, we’ve to mention that these headphones have been made for individuals who love bass and that’s the reason why they use aa battery. skullcandy crusher have drivers. one among them, sensation 55, requires the battery so that you can work usually. thanks to the battery and bass stage controller on the left ear cup, you’ll be able to hear how brilliant bass sounds.

the battery is inserted into the left ear cup and it offers up to forty hours of playback. if it dies, you will nonetheless be able to use headphones, but the sound can be extra passive and there won’t be a lot bass.

matters we don’t like:
skullcandy crusher are plastic headphones and you have to be privy to that and take care about them in case you want them to final for a long time. besides that, a few kind of rattling within the left ear cup may be heard while the extent is low and it is the due to battery.

additionally, those headphones honestly don’t supply completely clear and herbal sound. it isn’t horrific or distorted, it just calls for turning on bass so that you can sound greater powerful, so if you’re looking for headphones with natural and designated sound, you better maintain reading due to the fact we have some better alternatives for you.

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