Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones

Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones

superlux hd668d are a real evidence that you don’t should spend masses of greenbacks to get a amazing pair of expert, or in case you select, audiophile headphones, at least when the sound first-class is worried. they’re no longer the prettiest nor the most at ease headphones inside the international, however they absolutely have some thing to reveal in the sound quality area.

what’s within the box?
hd668d are available in a simple container with detachable audio cables. each of them have the identical three.5mm connectors and they may be both directly and rounded, but one in every of them is 3ft and the alternative 9ft long so you can use the short one to attach the headphones for your cellphone or player and the longer one whilst you want to connect them to laptop. along with these, you’ll get one cable clip and one 6.three mm plug adapter (in case you need to use the headphones in studio), as well as one massive wearing bag for secure transport.

things we like:
while you first examine hd668d, you right now note their uncommon but thrilling layout. the subsequent thing you note is that their ear cups remind you of akg k240 cups, specially because they’re semi-open. but, the two flops that play the position of scarf seem instead specific and they modify nicely to the dimensions of consumer’s head.

the headphones are wired and the interesting component approximately them is that they have male jack below the left cup, wherein generally stands female port. anyway, the vital thing is that the audio cables are removable and that you may pick out which one to use depending to your wishes.

hd668d are quite light for over-ear headphones as they weigh about 7 oz.. they may be quite secure and they could adjust even to large heads, however we’d advise shopping for velour ear cushions as they provide extra comfort and better sound.

in terms of sound satisfactory, those headphones galvanize their customers with extraordinarily clear sound with punchy bass, enormously exceptional mids and highs and first-rate vocals. some humans won’t be used to any such clean sound, however every musician or any individual that loves natural sound will without a doubt appreciate them. similarly, headphones that sound like this may additionally be remarkable choice for gaming, particularly because of the surround sound feeling, caused by semi-open cups.

things we don’t like:
despite the fact that we will’t locate flaws of the sound, these headphones without a doubt have a few other problems.

first of all, they appearance as an alternative reasonably-priced and, although they’re quite flexible, they’re made from plastic and they aren’t foldable nor the cups may be circled. additionally, we have noticed that the construct nice of audio cables is quite horrific, so be cautious while the usage of those if you don’t need them to break.

2d of all, the headphones have larger clamping pressure than common and a few human beings with larger heads would possibly discover them uncomfortable, regardless of their remarkable potential to modify to one-of-a-kind head configurations and dimensions.

finally, we’ve got to mention the truth that the headphones don’t have anc. they are additionally partially open, which means they don’t have suitable sound isolation and that they leak plenty of sound. because of that, it isn’t always recommended to use hd668d in public, but alternatively in your own home or studio, as they had been at first made for.

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